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improve somebody in some way

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edify - educate

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The formal word ‘edify’ is used to refer to somebody or something that enhances a person’s understanding or moral or intellectual capabilities, typically through instruction or information. A good way of learning how to use it correctly is to remember that the original use of the term ‘edify’ was ‘to build’, so think of it as anything that builds character or intellect. Often used in its present participle form ‘edifying’, or in its negative form ‘unedifying’.

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  1. That television show tried to be instructional and edify its audience instead of simply pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  2. I’m not interested in playing computer games. I’d rather spend my free time doing something more edifying, like reading a good book.

  3. Watching the two executives engaging in a petty squabble at the AGM was most unedifying. They embarrassed themselves and the company.

  4. For the edification of her students, the teacher spoke about the importance of learning lessons from history, and how they can shape a better present.

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