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cheerful and full of energy

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ebullient - cheerful

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The formal word ‘ebullient’ can be used in two different senses. Firstly, it can express a short-lived but very intense feeling of joy or excitement. The kind you might experience after receiving some great news. Secondly, it can be used to describe somebody’s personality or a lively and enthusiastic way of doing something. In both senses, it has only positive connotations.

Synonyms buoyant
Antonyms apathetic

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  1. I was ebullient when I got the news about my promotion. I had been working towards that goal for years!

  2. The ebullience of Jane’s personality makes her fun and easy to work with. She does a lot to lift morale.

  3. That author writes so ebulliently that it’s hard not to get engrossed in the story. His style really brings the prose to life.

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