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a nonconformist

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dissenter - rebel

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A ‘dissenter’ is somebody who disagrees and refuses to go along with an official position or something regarded as being an accepted opinion among a majority of people. The word can be used in both a positive and negative context as, on the one hand, it can refer to somebody who makes a brave stand against something they believe to be wrong, and on the other, it can be used in reference to a person who enjoys making trouble.

Synonyms dissident
Antonyms orthodox

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  1. The committee voted 9-1 in favour of firing the teacher. I was the lone dissenter because I felt she had been very harshly treated.

  2. There are some dissenters who just enjoy throwing a spanner in the works, but, overall, the council’s regeneration scheme has been widely embraced.

  3. The dictator demanded total conformity from his people. That’s why any dissenters were subjected to such harsh punishments.

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