disgruntled | disgruntlement

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annoyed or dissatisfied

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disgruntled - annoyed

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A good way to remember how to use ‘disgruntled’ is to think of it as being both dissatisfied with something or somebody, and grunting with annoyance. People usually feel this way if something has not turned out how they had hoped or expected, or if they feel they have been treated unfairly. Most commonly used in a professional context.

Synonyms displeased,irritated,peeved
Antonyms contented

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  1. The company is currently being sued by a disgruntled former employee who feels that she was dismissed unfairly.

  2. After years of corruption and incompetence, there is growing disgruntlement among the people with how the country is being run.

  3. Working in a call centre can be very stressful. I have to spend a lot of my day dealing with disgruntled customers.

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