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discomfit | discomfiture | discomfiting

discomfit discomfiture discomfiting
a feeling of embarrassment or unease
  • How to Memorize
    • discomfiture - unease
  • Analysis

    This formal word is used to express an uncomfortable, unsettled, or confused feeling, typically caused by the words or actions of another. Sometimes this can be achieved through unintentional means, but it is just as common that it is done in a deliberate attempt to rile or elicit a certain reaction from people.

  • Example(s)
    1. I tried to explain the situation to Chris, but as soon as I sensed his discomfiture, I changed the subject.

    2. In the meeting, our boss accused the staff of being lazy and ill-disciplined. She seemed to derive satisfaction from the obvious discomfiture she caused.

    3. Even though the truth may be discomfiting to hear, I strongly believe that honesty is the best policy.