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throw into confusion

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discombobulate - confuse

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If you upset, baffle, and make somebody feel uncomfortable, you have managed to ‘discombobulate’ them. In such a situation, people are typically left temporarily uncertain of how to act or react, and feel a sense of disorientation. While this informal term was once mostly used in North American English, it has since become popular in British English as well.

Synonyms nonplus
Antonyms decipher,explicate

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  1. It takes a lot to discombobulate me but that’s how I felt after I was unexpectedly fired. I didn't know what to do or say.

  2. Kevin has an unorthodox style of leadership which does lead to discombobulation at times as people are often left bewildered by his methods.

  3. The author did not expect her debut novel to be such a success and found herself totally discombobulated by the fuss it caused.

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