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able to be seen or understood

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discernible - noticeable

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The word ‘discernible’ can be used in two different ways. Firstly, to express something that you can physically see clearly, such as a striking landmark, and secondly to describe something you can sense, perceive, or comprehend. It can also be spelt ‘discernable’, though that variation is less commonly seen.

Synonyms perceptible,perceivable
Antonyms indistinct,abstract

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  1. The most worrying and unsettling aspect is not the problem itself. It’s that it happened without any discernible cause.

  2. Jane and Anna have a very similar skillset. So similar, in fact, that we could replace one with the other on the team without there being any discernible difference.

  3. You should have no problem finding the factory. It is so big that it’s easily discernible even from a mile away.

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