dilapidated | dilapidation

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old and in bad condition

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dilapidated - run-down

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Something ‘dilapidated’ has fallen into partial or total ruin through long-term neglect and misuse. The term is typically used in relation to buildings but is not limited to that. As the word implies a high degree of deterioration, you can be sure that anything ‘dilapidated’ will require a lot of work to restore.

Synonyms decayed
Antonyms grandiose,imposing

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  1. I got a good price on the house because it’s quite dilapidated. My wife and I intend to spend the next few years fixing it up.

  2. The level of dilapidation seen in many parts of the city are unacceptable. Public funds should be spent to regenerate the areas.

  3. I hate driving around in this dilapidated old car! I wish I could afford to buy a new one.

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