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desolate | desolation

desolate desolation
empty and gloomy
  • How to Memorize
    • desolate - gloomy
  • Analysis

    Something or somewhere that is grim and devoid of people, or showing the signs of neglect and abandonment can be described as being ‘desolate’. By extension, this word can also be used to describe a person who feels grim and devoid of something inside, such as joy or contentment. Often such people also experience intense loneliness.

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  • Example(s)
    1. That area was a horrible, desolate place, full of crumbling, uninhabited houses and disused factories.

    2. Peter said that after the death of his wife he experienced both desolation and despair due to his intense grief and loneliness.

    3. It was strange and eerie driving along that desolate highway at night. There were no other cars on the road for hundreds of miles.