denigrate | denigration

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criticize or insult

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denigrate - belittle

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When you 'denigrate' somebody or something, you make an attack on their reputation and/or downplay their importance in order to make them seem less worthwhile or valid. The criticisms put forward are usually unfair and made with malicious intent. For that reason, this word has only negative connotations.

Synonyms calumniate,besmirch
Antonyms lionize

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  1. It does bother me that Sarah is always trying to denigrate my achievements, but at the same time I know she’s only doing it because she’s jealous.

  2. The newspaper article was an abominable denigration of my good character, which is why I am suing them for slander.

  3. Even though the entrepreneur achieved great success despite dropping out of school, he said that he would never denigrate the importance of a good education.

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