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delirium | delirious

delirium delirious
in a state of extreme mental confusion or excitement
  • How to Memorize
    • delirium - frenzy
  • Analysis

    If you are experiencing ‘delirium’, then you are unable to think or speak clearly due to overstimulation, illness, or some kind of trauma. This form of mental disturbance is typically characterized by highly erratic behaviour, frenzied excitement, disordered speech, and/or hallucinations. Can be used in both a positive and negative context.

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    Synonymsincoherencederangement, psychosis ,
    Antonymsdisconsolationplaciditytranquil | tranquillity
  • Example(s)
    1. I called the doctor to the house to see Adam because he was suffering from delirium brought on by his fever.

    2. There was total delirium in the stadium when the home team scored the winning goal in the last minute. People were beside themselves with joy.

    3. You must be delirious if you think that I’m going to hire you when you have no prior experience or qualifications. Get real.