defile | defilement | undefiled

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spoil or violate

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defile - corrupt

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If you were to ‘defile’ something or somebody, then you would corrupt or desecrate what others consider to be pure, beautiful, or fundamentally good. You cannot defile something that is already considered messy or unpure. This formal word, therefore, has highly negative connotations. Something ‘undefiled’ is free from blemish or impurity.

Synonyms profane
Antonyms sanctify,consecrate

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  1. The article was a slanderous hit piece, written simply to defile the good name and reputation of the recently deceased public figure.

  2. Some considered it an act of defilement for the politician to use a church as the location for his campaign speech.

  3. Many religions teach that the way to reach heaven is for a person to live their life in a way that ensures their soul is spotless and undefiled.

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