debase | debaser | debasement

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reduce in value or quality

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debase - corrupt

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If you ‘debase’ somebody or something then you make it impure or of less worth. It can be used in a literal sense with regards to objects, like a coin, for example, that has its intrinsic value reduced, or figuratively to refer to the lowering of a person’s status, moral worth, or reputation. This formal word is more commonly used in the latter sense.

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  1. Tom’s dream is to be a serious actor on both stage and screen. That’s why he feels that he would debase himself if he appeared in a soap opera.

  2. Mary’s position at this company became untenable because our ideologies were not aligned. In fact, she was a debaser of a lot the principles we stand for.

  3. Many believe that social media has led to the debasement of political discourse. It is now filled with vitriol and fabrications.

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