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take more time than is necessary

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dawdle - linger

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When you ‘dawdle’, you take a long time doing something and/or lack the required focus to make progress. Such behaviour is typically not only unconstructive for the person doing it, but it can also be a source of frustration for those around them as the implication is that time is being unnecessarily wasted.

Synonyms loiter,temporize
Antonyms expedite,abbreviate,facilitate

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  1. Please don’t dawdle! I’m running late enough as it is and can’t afford to hang around waiting for you to get your stuff together!

  2. The staff here are not motivated or properly managed. That’s why they spend more time dawdling than actually getting down to work.

  3. Sarah is a dreadful dawdler when she’s driving. There’s usually a line of angry motorists behind her trying desperately to overtake.

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