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become thick or solid

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congeal - solidify

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If something was to ‘congeal’, it would go from liquid or a soft state to a sticky, solid form. Such a texture and appearance is usually highly off-putting, making this word one that is typically encountered in a negative context. Can also be used in a figurative sense, though this is less common.

Synonyms coagulate,inspissate
Antonyms deliquesce,disintegrate

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  1. My food had obviously been waiting to be served for a while at the restaurant because when it arrived the sauce on the plate had already started to congeal. I immediately sent it back.

  2. By the time Kevin reached the hospital, the blood around his wound had congealed into thick black clots.

  3. My experiences living in that foreign country are what congealed into the plot and ideas that fuelled my latest novel.

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