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a large and destructive fire

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conflagration - fire

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The term ‘conflagration’ can be used in both a literal and figurative sense. Literally, it describes a raging inferno that consumes all in its path including buildings and trees. Figuratively, it is used in relation to an intense, destructive, and violent situation, such as a war. In both senses, the word implies something devastating and difficult to control.

Synonyms inferno,conflict,blaze
Antonyms glacial,accord,dampened

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  1. What started as a small campfire soon developed into a major conflagration that consumed a large part of the forest.

  2. The dispute between the neighbouring countries escalated into a full-blown conflagration that lasted 5 years.

  3. We must not allow the ongoing social unrest to conflagrate to a point where riot police need to be deployed on the streets.

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