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tending to promote or assist something

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conducive - helpful

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Something ‘conducive’ leads to a desirable result. In other words, it provides the right conditions for something positive to take place or exist. While this word has positive connotations, you will most commonly encounter it in the form of somebody pointing out that something is not conducive. Typically followed by the preposition ‘to’.

Synonyms contributory
Antonyms counteractive,aversive

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  1. Shouting down other people’s opinions is not conducive to an open and frank discussion, so please modify your behaviour.

  2. Sleeping in the heart of the city is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. I can hear traffic and people 24 hours a day!

  3. The informal, social atmosphere we have in the office is fun to be a part of, but it’s hardly conducive to productivity.

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