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agree or approve

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concur - agree

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To ‘concur’ is to be in accord or have the same opinion as somebody else about something. It is a more formal way of saying ‘agree’, which is why it is commonly used in a professional context or in written English, particularly print media. Less frequently, the term can also be used to refer to two or more events that happen at the same time.

Synonyms accord,contemporaneous
Antonyms quarrel

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  1. I have read Fiona’s report on the situation and concur wholeheartedly with the conclusions she has reached.

  2. The team of medical experts assembled to review the case concurred that the current treatment being administered was the best course of action.

  3. Most analysts concur that the markets will have picked up substantially by early next year, so we have decided to delay the launch date of our new product until then.

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