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behave in a particular way

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comport - behave

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The formal word ‘comport’ means to conduct yourself in a manner that is in line with what is considered right or expected. It is most commonly used with a pronoun such as ‘yourself', ‘themselves’, etc. following it. To a lesser degree, the term is also employed to express going along with convention in another way, such as in dress.

Synonyms acquit,effectuate,cohere
Antonyms transgress,misdemean

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  1. There is a clear difference between how Adam and other members of staff comport themselves in social settings, which is why Adam rarely gets invited out.

  2. Even though I did not sanction the actions that Tom took, they were at least in comportment with our firm’s guiding principles.

  3. Susan really comported herself well during the crisis. My opinion of her has gone up exponentially as a result.

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