circumspect | circumspection | circumspectly

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careful in what you say or do

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circumspect - careful

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If you are ‘circumspect’, then you are cautious and like to consider all possible circumstances and possibilities before speaking or taking action. This desire to avoid mistakes and bad consequences can have many positives, particularly in a professional environment, but such a lack of impetuosity and risk-taking can be boring and inhibit innovation.

Synonyms cautious,prudent
Antonyms unwary,careless

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  1. It’s very rare for any controversy to arise around that company. They are circumspect in all their business dealings.

  2. I want our staff to think outside the box. More innovation and less circumspection is what’s needed.

  3. My trip to that region was made on the spur of the moment and ended up being a disaster! I intend to select my next destination more circumspectly.

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