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to limit something

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circumscribe - limit

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To ‘circumscribe’ means to restrict the power, freedom, or abilities of somebody or something, or, in a more technical sense, to designate or mark off a particular area. It is a formal word so it tends to be used more commonly in a professional context, such as politics or business, as well as in print media.

Synonyms demarcate,curtail
Antonyms amplify,dilate

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  1. The company has a system of checks and balances in place to circumscribe the power of the CEO and make her more accountable.

  2. Since the new lockdown laws came into effect, people’s freedom to travel has been severely circumscribed.

  3. The government’s circumscription of that ethnic minority within the country has been a source of international outrage. They have been accused of systemic dehumanization.

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