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not polite or friendly

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churlish - rude

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Somebody who is ‘churlish’ is considered to be deliberately rude. Their behaviour is typically marked by a lack of civility and graciousness, or a stubborn refusal to admit any wrongdoing. It is a formal word that tends to be used more frequently in a professional context, especially with regards to conduct in the workplace.

Synonyms surly
Antonyms courteous,gracious

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  1. Frank rang to invite me for a drink so we could put our past differences behind us. Even though I’m still annoyed at him, it would be churlish of me to refuse his offer.

  2. Our manager churlishly lashes out at anybody who disagrees with her. She cannot take any criticism.

  3. In the meeting, Andrea made a number of churlish remarks that displayed her immaturity.

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