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a deep divide

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chasm - opening

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The term ‘chasm’ can be used in both a literal and figurative way. Literally, it describes a very deep and dangerous split or crack in the earth, like that caused by an earthquake. Figuratively, it can be used to express a large division or difference between two or more people, groups, or things. A common mistake that even native English speakers often make with this word is in pronunciation. Despite how it is spelt, it is pronounced ‘ca-zum’.

Synonyms gulf,fissure
Antonyms closure,blockade

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  1. There is a vast economic chasm between the rich and the poor in that country which has led to great social unrest.

  2. The earthquake opened up a chasm a mile long which led to authorities having to close off the area for public safety.

  3. My marriage is in a really bad place at the moment. It feels as if there is a chasm between my wife and me.

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