capricious | capriciousness

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impulsive and unpredictable

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capricious - erratic

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The most frequent use of the word ‘capricious’ is to describe a person whose opinion, mood, or behaviour can change suddenly and without warning. Often times, such people will decide for or against doing something on a whim rather than after careful thought. The term can also be used to refer to weather or an environment that is similarly unpredictable.

Synonyms volatile,whimsical,inconstant
Antonyms stubborn,dependable

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  1. I would never want to go into business with John. He’s far too capricious.

  2. That part of the country has quite a capricious climate, so its hard to predict what the weather will do.

  3. The capriciousness of the markets makes investment a risky proposition.

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