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bad-tempered and argumentative

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cantankerous - bad-tempered

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If you have a tendency to be difficult, quarrelsome, and irritable, then you might be called ‘cantankerous’. Whether in a social or professional setting, such people are very difficult to deal with and tend to provoke hostility as well as exhibiting it towards others. The word is most commonly used in relation to grumpy old men.

Synonyms grouchy,volatile,irritable
Antonyms agreeable,amiable

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  1. My cantankerous neighbour constantly complains about things. He really gets on people’s nerves.

  2. Our boss reacted cantankerously when an employee asked him about the rumoured job cuts.

  3. The cantankerous tone of the article was a little off-putting. I prefer cogent arguments backed up by facts instead of personal attacks.

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