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to speak openly and honestly about something

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candour - honesty

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If you speak with ‘candour’, you do so in a way that emphasizes truth over politeness or diplomacy. It does not mean to be rude, however. Instead it means to be bluntly honest with somebody, particularly about a subject that may be difficult or embarrassing to discuss. Can be used interchangeably with ‘candid.’

Synonyms truthful,sincere,forthright
Antonyms insincere,hypocritical,false

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  1. With surprising candour, my manager admitted that she had misjudged the situation and would take full responsibility.

  2. When I asked my students to discuss their insecurities, their responses were remarkably candid.

  3. I must speak candidly with you. I feel that you are wasting your talents because you are too afraid of failure to strive for something.

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