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rude or insensitive

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boorish - rude

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Somebody who looks and/or behaves in an ill-mannered, rough, or contemptible way can be described as ‘boorish’. It does not necessarily apply to a person’s education, it’s more to do with how they conduct or present themselves. For example, even if they have a degree from a prestigious university; if they say loud and ignorant things they are still boorish. Tends to be directed at men.

Synonyms contemptible
Antonyms proficient

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  1. Our manager’s boorish behaviour alienates a lot of people in the office. He can be horribly obtuse and overbearing at times, particularly towards women.

  2. There was a lot of heavy drinking and crass banter going on at the party. I felt uncomfortable around such boorishness.

  3. The politician’s boorishly ignorant remarks were roundly condemned, and he later issued a full apology.

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