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a prejudiced and intolerant person

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bigot - prejudiced

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A ‘bigot’ is somebody who is stubbornly and aggressively intolerant of those that are distinct from them in some way. This typically takes the form of open prejudice against people with a different racial or religious background to their own, or those who espouse a different political philosophy. The word implies hatred, fanaticism, and narrow-mindedness.

Synonyms fanatic
Antonyms indulgent,humanitarian

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  1. Carol said that she would never want to be friends with somebody from that religion. I didn’t realize she was such a bigot.

  2. Rather than simply fire Andrew for his bigoted views, we should challenge them and show him how foolish they are.

  3. This company will not tolerate any form of discrimination and is committed to combatting bigotry.

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