beseech | beseechingly

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ask eagerly and anxiously

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beseech - beg

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To ‘beseech’ means to plead with somebody for something that you want or need urgently. It implies a deeply held anxiety and tends to be expressed with the hope that your apparent desperation will convince the requestee to agree to your plea. It is mostly used as a more formal and dignified version of ‘beg’.

Antonyms disengage,dissociate

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  1. Our enterprise was being badly hampered by red tape, so I went to the local council to beseech them to remove some of the obstacles in our way.

  2. Jane didn’t say anything, but I could see that her eyes were beseeching me to come to her aid.

  3. I could see that David was ruining his life with alcohol, so I beseeched him to get help before it was too late.

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