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lacking something

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bereft - lacking

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To be ‘bereft’ is to be deprived of something or somebody needed, wanted, or expected. As such, this formal word implies more than just disappointment; it elicits feelings of loss, mournfulness, and sorrow. There is also a strong implication that what is lacking is either hard or impossible to replace.

Synonyms bereaved
Antonyms endowed

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  1. Bereft of any qualified or competent help, I was left to do most of the work on the project by myself. It was a very stressful experience.

  2. In the months after my wife and I divorced, I felt utterly bereft. I was extremely unhappy and lonely at that time.

  3. Now that the funding I was relying on to save my business has fallen through, I am totally bereft of hope. It looks like I will have to admit defeat.

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