belligerent | belligerence | belligerently

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inclined to or displaying hostility or aggressiveness

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belligerent - hostile

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‘Belligerent’ comes from Latin, literally meaning “one who wages war”. While it can be used to describe an individual, group, or country that engages in combat, its most common use is to describe a person who acts in an argumentative or hostile manner that does not extend to a physical attack.

Synonyms combative,argumentative
Antonyms friendly

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  1. The shop assistant was very rude when I tried to return my purchase. I was taken aback that she could be so belligerent towards a customer.

  2. Paul is quite an aggressive person and alcohol only increases his belligerence.

  3. You have every right to ask for some peace and quiet, but you do not need to say it so belligerently.

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