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charm and attract

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beguile - charm

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To ‘beguile’ is to interest or enchant somebody through the power of your personality and/or physical appearance. Beautiful people or places may be considered ‘beguiling’. However, the word can also have negative connotations when it is used to express using charm or smooth-talking to persuade or trick somebody into doing something that benefits you.

Synonyms enchant,bewitch,deceive
Antonyms repulse,enrage,disillusion

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  1. The salesperson frequently used his charm and sophistication to beguile people into buying things that they neither wanted nor needed.

  2. The actress had a beguiling screen presence that captivated audiences and made her an icon in the movie industry.

  3. My day spent in the city was utterly beguiling. There is so much beautiful architecture to see and admire.

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