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a favourable sign, or acting with the support of somebody

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auspice - omen

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The word ‘auspice’ has two main uses. Firstly, if you are authorized by somebody to do something, even if you are not their employee, it is said that you are acting under their ‘auspices.’ In this context, it is used in the plural. ‘Auspice’ can also be used to describe a favourable omen or sign. However, the word 'auspicious’, which is derived from this meaning, is used much more commonly in this context.

Synonyms protection
Antonyms convoluted,indecipherable,destruction

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  1. I’m conducting my research into the history of the area under the auspices of the local council.

  2. Sarah believes in signs and omens, so she regarded the crows flying over head as a bad auspice.

  3. Being awarded employee of the month in my first few weeks with the company is an auspicious start to my time here.

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