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attack or criticize strongly

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assail - attack

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To ‘assail’ means to oppose, confront, assault, or criticize somebody harshly. It can also be used to express feeling as though you are being bombarded by unpleasant thoughts or emotions that may cause you to feel worried or upset. The word implies something relentless that breaks down resistance through repeated attacks.

Synonyms bombard,impugn,revile
Antonyms fortify,advocate,avouch

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  1. That politician is always quick to assail her opponents over any shortcomings or mistakes. She is totally ruthless.

  2. I have an unassailable lead in the monthly sales chart. It is simply impossible for anybody to catch me now.

  3. The attack on the pensioner was captured by the shop’s CCTV, but the police are yet to apprehend the assailant.

  4. In the hours leading up to her keynote speech, Anne was suddenly assailed by doubts, leaving her feeling intensely anxious.

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