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at an angle

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aslant - slanted

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Something ‘aslant’ is neither straight up nor down. Instead, it is over and across in a slanting direction. A common use of this formal word is in the context of a person’s head position. Often somebody will tilt their head to one side when trying to make sense of something or look at something from a different angle.

Synonyms askew,athwart
Antonyms vertical,symmetrical

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  1. Clearly, there is an issue with the foundation of the building because it has sunk slightly on one side so that it is now aslant.

  2. Brian looked at the account with his head aslant, trying to make sense of the numbers and figures.

  3. That piece of modern art is quite deceptive. Gazing at it aslant shows up new colours and features that are not noticeable when observing it face on.

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