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aphorism aphorisms
a short and clever saying
  • How to Memorize
    • aphorism - saying
  • Analysis

    An ‘aphorism’ is a pithy phrase that is intended to express a general truth or be a concise and memorable statement of a principle. There are many sayings which are silly and trite and therefore forgettable, but an aphorism is something that has stood the test of time by being witty, wise, or generally accepted to be true.

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  • Example(s)
    1. That CEO is known to be a very hard taskmaster who always strives for peak efficiency. She clearly has taken the aphorism “Time is money” to heart.

    2. As a manager, I like to get the best people for a job and then trust their expertise rather than try to micromanage everything myself. An appropriate aphorism for that approach is “stay in your lane.”

    3. The politician was a master of aphorisms and used them to get his message across in a pithy, astute, and memorable way.