About Us

Here at EnglishLogica, we want to improve your English, by helping you to expand on the knowledge of English you gained in your lessons and classes. We understand that a lot of learners finish their lessons and still find it difficult to express themselves confidently in English. This lack of confidence and ability can lead to missed opportunities which might otherwise further your career or lead to greater social interaction.

Our aim is to present methods of memorizing English expressions and grammar in a logical and brain-friendly way, and the best way to do so is to present the information in context. After all, if you want to speak English in a real-world setting, it’s best to present it in terms of real-world situations. One of the ways we have done this is through our comics, telling stories which follow the lives of learners of English, using popular expressions, terms and phrases. This way, our Users can learn about their application and appreciate their impact in everyday conversation.

In our Grammar section, you will find methods for remembering some of the core concepts of English grammar usage, focusing on the common uses amongst native English speakers. Did you know that the most popular way to talk about the future is to use the Present Continuous tense? At EnglishLogica, we have developed different ways of thinking about the tenses in particular, and the English language in general.

People from all over the world travel to English-speaking countries to learn English, because there is no substitute for immersion in a language; but here at EnglishLogica, we are bringing the immersion to you, helping you to delve deeper into the language than standard classrooms and learning models allow.

We hope you enjoy your learning experience.


Career-Driven English